Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

Documentary  Storytelling Photography by Staffordshire Wedding Photographer William Campbell

Welcome To Willcamphotography  My name is William Campbell and I am a Staffordshire Wedding Photographer based in Stafford,Staffordshire

I specialise  in documentary wedding Photography Where  natural photography is preferred over posed images although  poses are good for the traditional shots

As a Documentary  Staffordshire Wedding Photographer I am always close to the action but never intrusive photographing those most important moments

I am a  Staffordshire Wedding Photographer that tells the story of  Your wedding through images.

Every image tells a story of the wedding.  Documentary and storytelling goes hand in hand I am a story telling Wedding Photographer

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”




Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

Below is a small selection of images taken from my wedding portfolio.

What’s a Wedding without Stunning Staffordshire Wedding Photography?
Staffordshire Weddings are a joyous gathering of friends and family as two people profess their love for each other, combining two families through the ceremony of marriage. A beautiful time full of laughs, tears, shared memories, and dreams of the future, things that are stunning when captured on film.
From the dress rehearsal to the reception, and everything in between, your magical day can be photographed from multiple angles, ensuring you get the best shot. Whether your ceremony is held in a traditional fashion inside a church, or a more modern flair including themed weddings, outdoor weddings, and destination weddings, your photo session can be tailored to your style and preferences.
Of course you’ll want to take bridal family photos, groom family photos, the traditional bride and bride’s maids as well as the groom and groomsmen, to go along with the cake, flowers, centerpieces, and ceremony. Not everything matrimonial has to be traditional, no matter what your mother-in-law might say… repeatedly!
So consider, if you will, the possibility to photograph your guests crying with joy, or smiling at the unity, perhaps an intimate first dance photo, or a father daughter moment. A silly moment shared between the boys during the reception, some risqué behavior, or anything else that could possibly create an enjoyable lasting memory for you or your partner.
The best photographs are not planned, they don’t exhibit fake smiles, they don’t always evoke happiness, and they aren’t always perfect. But they are ALL yours to cherish, all of the oops’, excuse me’s, oh my’s, and mishaps are just as memorable if not more, than the elegant wedding photos taken at every wedding.
Whatever your preferred style of wedding photography is, your Staffordshire wedding photographer  will “see moments” that aren’t exactly visible to you while you are busy entertaining guests, wanting to sneak away early, and all the distractions whirling about as you dance and mingle.
You may see a photo and wonder how in the world someone got that shot, you may see something you never expected in a shot, and you may see something you can never unsee. Just remember your photographer is there to record your day on film, not monitor the activities of your guests in doing so.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

I am a professional Staffordshire Wedding Photographer  in Stafford in the centre of Staffordshire.
I regularly photograph weddings in Stafford, Stone, Staffordshire, and the Midlands. I specialise in natural, creative, documentary,story telling but most of all, emotive images.
Quietly and gently my aim is to capture all the expressions, emotions and atmosphere on your wedding day.
My Photographs can be seen in my wedding portfolio .

Photos by william campbell